Shout Outs

Trail Stewards
Without the hard work of our user community we would not be able to provide this wealth of information to the world. The people that consistently publish new trails, submit descriptions, record rides, and share their data are what make all of this possible, you guys and gals are amazing!

IMBA - International Mountain Bicycling Association
The International Mountain Bicycling Association is a non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.

Austin Ridge Riders
Austin Ridge Riders keep our local trails beautiful, maintained, and rideable year round. We cannot thank them enough for keeping us on our bikes.

Apple Computers
Thanks to Apple for releasing the iPhone which allowed us to build the Mountain Bike Trails app so everyone can take this information with them on the road.

Garmin and MotionX
Thanks to both Garmin & MotionX for helping get trails around the world mapped and shared on the Internet.

VholdR Cameras
Thanks to the awesome engineers at VholdR for making such a cool portable helmet cam, it lets us catch us at our best and worst on our bikes through out triumphs and carnage.

Android88 Bike Gear
Thanks to the great guys at Android88 for letting us constantly prototype there incredible gear, we are looking forward to a day when we see it on retail shelves, the rest of the world is missing out and we wish them the best of luck.