A recent mountain biking trip to New Mexico inspired us to create an iPhone application called Mountain Bike Trails and TrailFu. Anyone who has ridden in New Mexico knows the trails are amazing, but without local beta it can be tricky to find the best places to ride. The local shops in New Mexico are amazing and gave us the information we needed to have a good time, but again and again we found ourselves needing a little bit more detail on exactly how to find the trailheads. All the time spent trying to find trail beta meant that we were stuck waiting instead of out riding. But from that experience we came the inspiration for Mountain Bike Trails for the iPhone and out of the great success of the iPhone app we now launched TrailFu! We will continue to improve both, we love to ride and we love to get new people out on the trial, we hope you enjoy using these tools and that you will contribute GPS data, trail descriptions, upload photos, and rate the trails you know and love. Sometimes you must ask yourself, Do YOU TrailFu?

We hope you find the site and our iPhone application useful and we promise that future versions will keep you launching the application every time you ride, even on the trails you know by heart.

Thanks for your continued support!
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